Tri-Cities Smoke Odor Removal Service

If you’ve reached this page, there’s little doubt that you already know how pervasive the smell of smoke is and how difficult it is to remove from a home or apartment. Whether from a fire, tobacco, cannabis or other source, everything needs to be cleaned from top to bottom to get rid of the smell: carpets, air ducts, even walls. It’s a big job, and one that you can entrust to the trained and experienced Tri-Cities smoke odor removal service teams at Novasteam. If you’re cleaning up from a fire, moving into a new place, moving out, or in charge of overseeing the transition of tenants and would like to get rid of that smoke smell, contact us today to get started.

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What’s Involved in Smoke Odor Removal

No matter the origin of the smoke – fire or otherwise – there are certain steps that must be thoroughly completed after any structural damage is remediated to ensure that the smoke smell goes away for good.

  1. Any moveable items should be taken outside the premises to be treated and washed
  2. Walls and ceilings are washed
  3. Carpets and floors (whether wood, tile, or laminate) are deep-cleaned
  4. Air ducts are cleaned out
  5. Furniture upholstery and rugs appropriately cleaned

With all that’s involved, no one should expect smoke odor removal to be a fast process. If you are in need of smoke odor removal services in Tri-Cities, we invite you to give us a call to discuss what the process will look like in more detail and to get started as soon as possible.

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Novasteam’s Commitment to Superior Customer Care

Eliminating smoke odors is a big job that requires a great deal of care and trust on the part of the homeowner. We know that inviting a smoke odor removal service into your home means bringing someone into your personal space with the understanding they’re going to do the best work possible. That’s why we insist that each of our technicians individually and Novasteam as a company uphold the values of loyalty, integrity, honesty, and trust. We want to give all of our Tri-Cities customers a positive experience where they not only can get back to their lives quickly, but be assured that their house is in good hands.

While we can never guarantee a particular result, we do make the commitment to communicate clearly with you throughout to set expectations, and to do everything in our power to make sure you’re satisfied. Contact us today to get started.

Smoke Odor Removal Service FAQ

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