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Tri-Cities Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Novasteam is a Tri-Cities professional carpet cleaning services team that you can trust from start to finish to achieve the best possible results for your carpets and rugs. Do you have a particular pet stain that needs attention? A suspicious odor you want to get rid of? Are you preparing to move in (or out) of a place? Simply due for your next cleaning? Our custom cleaning approach can take care of it. Don’t wait to make your space cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable to be in. Contact us with questions or click below to get started.

Before and After NovaTek Carpet Cleaning

We hope these will give you an idea of what your carpet can look like when it’s been cleaned by the Tri-Cities professional carpet cleaning services crews at Novasteam. Our commitment is to get the best possible results for our clients, every time.

Novasteam Takes Care of Your Carpets and Rugs

Using our special NovaTek process and unique, custom-mixed cleaning solutions, we perform carpet cleaning and on-site rug cleaning for our Tri-Cities neighbors. If you have a wool rug, shag rug, or even high-end rug or carpet, you can trust us to get it as fresh and clean as possible.

Professional Pet Carpet Cleaning from Novasteam

Pet stains often pose a special difficulty for homeowners and carpet cleaners alike. But with our specially formulated enzyme or peroxide-based cleaning agents, you will be surprised at what we can do to make your house guests wonder if you have pets at all. We can help you take care of some of the most intensive pet stain cleaning problems – and we’ll let you know up-front if we can’t. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time for us to evaluate your situation, get in touch.

The NovaTek Carpet Cleaning Process Sets the Standard

As a Tri-Cities professional carpet cleaning services company, we are unique in the process that we use to do our work. We know that a common question which customers have about carpet cleaning services is “What sets you apart?” There are a couple of big things that makes Novasteam different:

Our Commitment to Excellence in Customer Care

We know that inviting a professional carpet cleaning service into your home means bringing someone into your personal space. That’s why we insist that each of our technicians individually and Novasteam as a company uphold the values of loyalty, integrity, honesty, and trust. In our over 35 years of combined experience in this industry, we know those qualities are not the norm. We want to give all of our Tri-Cities customers a positive experience where they not only get great results, but have a comfortable experience with us.

While we can never guarantee a particular result, we do make the commitment to communicate clearly with you throughout to set expectations. If you follow our recommended treatment for your carpet or rug, we also give a 5 day reservice guarantee, which means you can call us back within 5 days if you are unsatisfied with anything we did and we will fix it for free.

Even if you have had a bad experience in the past with Tri-Cities professional carpet cleaning services, we invite you to give us a call and see for yourself how we’re different.

The Unique NovaTek Process

Our professional cleaning process guarantees you get excellent results every time. Through the knowledge and experience of our on-staff chemist and trained technicians, we don’t just apply a one-size fits all solution to every carpet. NovaTek from Novasteam is a custom solution for your carpet cleaning needs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Testing/Inspection
Our technician will test the current pH of the fibers and perform a full UV test to identify stains and problem areas that aren’t even visible to the eye – but may be noticeable to the nose.

Step 2: Pretreat
We apply our eco-friendly, human- and pet-friendly, custom-formulated cleaning solutions. There are few situations we can’t handle with our training and the resources at the ready on our trucks – and you’d be surprised at some of the situations we’ve come across!

Step 3: Agitate
We use mechanical agitation machines and brushes appropriate for the application to work cleaning solutions deep into fibers and loosen as much dirt and oil as possible prior to extraction.

Step 4: Extract
We use hot water extraction with hyper-soft water to complete the cleaning phase. This means the water we use contains less minerals than tap water and allows for a more complete removal of dirt, grime, and cleaning products. If you don’t pay attention to these details (in our experience, many don’t) and don’t use a proper rinse agent, your clean carpet can be crunchy due to leftover minerals not being removed. Novasteam solutions are zero-residue and are specially formulated so that if anything is left over, it will dry to a crystalline powder that can be vacuumed up any time.

Step 5: Drying
We set up your space for quick drying, using fans and setting up good circulation patterns. As an upgrade, we offer a rapid-dry service, in which we not only bring in more fans, but go over the carpet again with a cleaning wand to remove even more water immediately. Not only does rapid-drying get your carpet ready to use much faster (often in less than an hour), but it virtually eliminates spots re-appearing as substances travel up through the damp padding and carpet fibers to the surface.

If you would like to experience the difference that the NovaTek process makes, give your Tri-Cities professional carpet cleaning services team at Novasteam a call today.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work as a Tri-Cities Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

We have over one hundred 5-star reviews for a reason: strong customer service is our drive! Schedule your service today.

Best customer service and cleaning in town! Took care of all my set in stains and extremely knowledgeable about pet stains/ treatments! Will always use Novasteam! – Hannah, Facebook review

Best customer service and cleaning in town! Took care of all my set in stains and extremely knowledgeable about pet stains/ treatments! Will always use Novasteam! – Hannah, Facebook review

This was the best carpet cleaning I’ve ever had done. Professional and friendly staff. Carpet turned out better than ever! – Debbie, Facebook review

Our carpet looks amazing. They also do hard wood floors and vent cleaning. We will definitely stick with them, we were very impressed by their knowledge, skills and a pleasure to have in our home. – Janice, Facebook review

Exceptional customer service and professionalism! I’m so pleased to have found this company. My carpets both engraved wool and regular carpet were brought back to life in one efficient appointment. During this encounter I learned the also clean duct work. I’m bringing them back to address that need because my allergies are acting up! Thank you so much for your good work and kindness! – Marjorie, Facebook review

I had an area rug cleaned after my dog had a few accidents on it. My original plan was to toss it but I thought I’d give these guys a try. So happy I did. It looks fantastic!! – Terri, Facebook review

On time, very informative, quick but thorough and our carpets look great. We had spots that we were pretty sure wouldn’t come out, but no more spots. We plan to use again, would recommend. – Jackie, Facebook review

I will definitely be using these guys again! had the best experience on the phone and in person, the carpets looked great! service all around was just 100% and professional. – Marylou, Facebook review

Novasteam cleaned our carpets last week and did a exceptional job We’ve had our carpets cleaned by other companies and they either left a residue or incomplete job. I highly recommend Novasteam and they will be our only carpet cleaner from now on. The price was very reasonable especially for the quality of workmanship. – Sharon, Facebook review

Absolutely amazing job! … cleaned these rugs in an efficient and quality manner, the final product is spectacular. I am extremely satisfied with the end result from tired and worn rugs to fresh and vibrant like new again! – Tana, Facebook review

The gentleman that came to my house was super friendly and helpful, even when I called with questions prior to my service date, he answered right away and was very nice. My carpets looked great afterward!! – Jessica, Facebook review

Definitely recommend! Our carpets look amazing! I was worried because We had several pet stains from our puppy lab but they were able to get them up and our carpets look like new. They also used special treatments where other companies usually won’t do that. Awesome customer service. Very professional. highly recommend! – Alyssa, Facebook review

Excellent customer service! I was blown away by the quality and professionalism. Top notch operation. My dogs got into it with a skunk and they got the odor all over the house… Novasteam successfully removed all the odor from the carpet after other companies were scared to work on it! these guys rock!!! – Kasey, Facebook review

We just had our carpets done they look and smell 100 times better. very professional and showed up on time. I would highly recommend! If the reviews would let me give 10 stars I would. – Derek, Facebook review

I had never used this company before but it was a fantastic experience. They were very very professional they came and they looked at my spots on the carpet to determine what to treat them with before cleaning the carpet. The carpets were dried in a few hours. The price was very reasonable The owner was very informative regarding carpet and taking care of cleaning, etc. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs their carpets cleaned. – Bonnie, Facebook review

Have used many carpet cleaning companies in the past. Novasteam is by far the best. They came in and talked through what treatment options were best, never once trying to oversell. My carpet looks great and smells great. They even took care of my moms house and did a finominal job with pet spots created by 2 small dogs. Would highly recommend them to anyone. *Carpet looks brand new again* – Chrystal, Facebook review

Novasteam was amazing and we will absolutely have them back. I’ve attempted to clean and sanitize the carpet from our small dogs accidents TOO many times and in all different ways. I am so thankful, our floors are clean, and smell amazing. I will have them out at least once a year for our spring cleaning. Very thankful. He was professional, a clear communicator, and super efficient. Couldn’t recommend Novasteam more highly!!! – Amy, Facebook review

Novasteam does a fabulous job all the way around. The tech is very trustworthy and very generous and takes great pride in providing the best possible service. Novasteam was able to get some stains and smells out of the carpet that other companies failed doing. – Leslie, Facebook review

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services FAQ

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

Pricing depends on the number of spaces to be cleaned and the services to be provided, which sometimes cannot be fully determined until we come and assess your situation in-person. If you have any questions, we invite you to price out our services through our online booking system or contacting us to get an idea of how much you’ll be looking to spend. We strive to be reasonably priced and a great value for money compared to our competition. We look forward to hearing from you.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove stains?

Our goal is to eliminate any stain we come across, and in many cases this is accomplished. However, some stains cannot be removed no matter what is done in terms of cleaning. If our technicians suspect that this is the situation for your carpet, they will make sure you know about it as we do our work, so that there are no surprises. Even if a stain appears to be removed immediately after cleaning, sometimes it can travel back up to the surface through the fibers of the carpet. With the quick drying that is part of our complete NovaTek cleaning process, such reoccurrence of stains is minimized. Still, we don’t offer a spot removal guarantee because we can’t guarantee anything – and you should be careful of any carpet cleaner that does. That said, we do offer a complete reservice of an area that you’re dissatisfied with if you receive the recommended treatment and give us a call within 5 days of your original service.

Do you move furniture before carpet cleaning?

You are responsible for moving any furniture out of the room prior to cleaning, as well as moving it back again. This allows us to come in and do our work as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Do you need to vacuum before carpet cleaners come?

We do ask that our clients thoroughly vacuum all areas using their home vacuum to ensure as much dry particulate is removed prior to our arrival. This allows our technicians to more quickly determine and apply the proper treatment for your carpet or rugs.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after professional cleaning?

Normally, it can take 3-6 hours for complete drying. This is dependent upon factors such as humidity, temperature, and air flow. Our full NovaTek cleaning service features rapid-dry, which can dry your carpet in less than an hour and minimizes the wicking-up of deeply buried stains.

Can you walk on carpet after cleaning? How long after carpet cleaning can I put furniture back?

You should wait at least a full day before putting furniture back on carpet. The reason for the longer delay with furniture is to avoid the furniture soaking up water from the carpet and discoloring or otherwise damaging it. We recommend you only walk on freshly cleaned carpet with clean shoes/slippers until it is fully dry.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing carpet?

Steam cleaning uses hot water, in addition to special pre-treating agents, to remove dirt and grime, while shampooing uses special cleaning agents with room-temperature water and agitation to do the same. The NovaTek cleaning method involves all three: agitation, custom-formulated cleaning agents, and steam cleaning to achieve the best possible results.

How often carpet should be cleaned?

We recommend a yearly cleaning to keep your carpet and rugs in top condition. Consider making it a part of your spring cleaning plan.

Are your cleaning products good for the environment and healthy for my family?

Every one of our NovaTek cleaning agents are specially formulated and utilized to be good for the environment as well as your whole family. Our business is all about making your home a healthier and more enjoyable place to be, and we use cleaning products which support that goal.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule service,


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